iphone diaries



this week the rain has been endless, an everlasting drizzle, gray clouds smothering the skyline, a heavy fog eclipsing the sun from view.  we have been bottled up indoors, biding our time until the rain subsides, the little man wild and unrestrained.

yesterday we ventured out into the foreboding wall of gray, released from our captivity,  cowering under an umbrella as the rain pelted down from above.  you were fascinated by the blue and white canopy and the wet world surrounding us.  the wind whispers in the trees and you look up to watch and listen because you are connected in a way that i am not, noticing all the little things of our surrounding environment that i have long forgotten how to notice, too busy with life to notice.  the spring blooms drift off their stems blowing wishes into the breeze, a showering mist of rain and beginnings.

the heavy rain gave way to a light sprinkling so we stepped out from under our covering into the elements letting it envelope us into obscurity, the world vacant except for us, my rain boots beating the damp pavement.  you took a sharp inhale, squinting up a the wall of white reflecting into your eyes, a crisp and cool mist staining your rosy cheeks with fresh dew.  and it's all new to you.  it holds you spellbound.

we dream of the days when the world is nothing but sun and honey, but you reminded me that these days, when the world is drenched and dim, i should still venture out with you, exploring every part of the world that you haven't seen because the entire world is your playground.

love, mum