mama wore: h&m wool hat, h&m faux leather jacket, free people voile trapeze slip, free people seamless romper, go jane boots, forever21 necklace

daddy wore: h&m flat hatrvca new bars t-shirt, h&m pants, converse

little man wore: random hoodie (similar here), h&m fur hatpeep t-shirt, h&m pants, native howard slip-ons

some days, a happy coincidence of events occurs: holden takes a long afternoon nap meaning he is able to stay up a little later than normal and traffic isn't stop-and-go meaning that dustin gets home from work a little earlier than he usually does.  these two things happening in the same day mean that we are able to catch the last hour of light together at a local park.

this week, that happy coincidence just so happened to be an everyday occurrence.

so each evening as the sun slowly sunk beneath the horizon, we chased and laughed and played, amidst bare trees and fallen leaves, invigorated by the brisk evening air which was just cool enough to warrant fuzzy hats.

and on the holden development front, he has taken to babbling 24/7.  whereas last week ba ba meant basically everything (say spider "ba ba", say daddy "ba ba", say water "ba ba"), this week his words actually sound like the real words, as in we can tell exactly what he's saying.  so far he's said love you, yellow, spider, dada, owl, cow, mooooo (amongst a few others).  it may not be perfect english per-se, but he is suddenly using a bunch of different sounds with the exact right intonation.  and he doesn't stop talking. he explains everything he is doing and just chats with me all day long.  i'm pretty sure that talking makes him a real toddler.

also....i'm pretty sure that i need these boots in turquoise too.  i mean they are kind of too cheap (and amazing) not to get a pair in every color.



mama wore: anthropologie dip-dye button-up, free people vegan leather shorts, target booties

little man wore: diy dip-dye ombre t-shirt, target leggings, minnetonka moccasins

over the weekend, holden got his bottom right molar and a bottom eye tooth, and it appears that the remaining gummy space in his mouth is going to erupt in teeth any minute.  his mouth looks swollen from the outside and i can only imagine how it must feel to have a bunch of teeth break through all at once.  for the most part he has been taking the pain like a champ, but he has his moments when i can tell that he is in pain and frustrated, and when i ask him "what's ouchie?", he points to his mouth.  this recent bout of teething is causing him to be a little restless at night and want mama's comfort a little more than usual, and i'm having a hard time coping with being woken at night (the fact that i go to bed after midnight every night probably isn't helping or may be the real problem at hand).

it's funny how quickly we forget what it's like to go without a full night's sleep, how quickly we forget what it's like to be woken frequently throughout the night, and how quickly this interrupted sleep affects you.  so far, i have almost burned down the house twice, leaving the the oven on all day and leaving the curling iron on for a few hours.  and these mishaps have occurred after mere week of slightly arrested slumber.  i've found myself wondering how i survived those early months of holden's life?

or perhaps it's not just waking up in the middle of the night, but the combination of the teething that is impeding my nighttime sleep and the lack of afternoon downtime i've had in the last week due to a play-obsessed boy refusing all afternoon naps that is causing my brain to not function properly.  at the same time that he began waking up at night due to teething, holden determined that he no longer wants or needs an afternoon nap.  he will literally point to the door and say something that sounds like "out? " to which i say no and continue attempting to rock him to sleep.  there are windows of time when he seems tired, but after resting his eyes for a few moments, he will suddenly get a spurt of energy and pop up off my chest in a fitful of giggles.

does this mean that he is transitioning to one nap?  is this the age (13 months) that they make the transition from two naps to one?  if he is transitioning, do i need to hold off his morning nap until later in the day?  or could all of these sleep changes be due to teething?  any other mamas have any insight?


p.s. i dip-dyed a random t-shirt that was in holden's closet to match mine.  although not as ombre as i would have liked, i think it turned out pretty well.  what do you think?



while i initially wanted holden's birthday party to have an adventurous, boyish theme, like where the wild things are, i decided that since this was holden's party, i should probably go with a theme that he would like and appreciate.  he has always loved animals and i knew he would love a party that was filled with them.  i thought i would share a few of the party details

1.  the birthday boy himself

2 - 4 the invitation i designed.  animals parading on the front, confetti on the back.

5. confetti paper plates

6. ombre striped wooden forks and spoons

7. felt birthday crown

8. wooden restaurant high chair (that was going to be thrown out) spray painted metallic gold

9. picnic tables covered in white kraft paper with ribbons as table runners

10.  plastic animals from the dollar store spray painted metallic gold parading down the tables

11.  blueberry vodka lemonade cocktail

12. birthday hats made out of cardstock, fuzzy balls, and ribbon

13.  homemade confetti cupcakes.  plastic animals spray painted gold and glued to toothpicks as cupcake toppers

14. painted plastic animal photo holders

15.  cardboard letters spray painted gold; wrapping paper used as tablecloth

16.  homemade applesauce cinnamon monkey cake, a healthier alternative to the a real cake

17. a bunch of my best friends from college (holden being the first little addition to our group)