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it's been a long week of late nights, late mornings, and a lot of relaxation.  after weeks of spending every single day on some sort of grand adventure, it's been nice to spend some time just hanging around the house.  holden is on this weird 10:30 PM to 10:30 AM sleep schedule and while i'm kind of enjoying the late nights because we get to adventure with mr.b after work (and i obviously don't mind sleeping in in the mornings), i find myself staying up anywhere from 2 AM to 4 AM in the mornings just to get a few hours to myself.  i think a week of late nights has finally caught up with me as i'm struggling to compose this post.  holden is already running, refusing to let me even hold his hand to help him keep his balance.  the recovery process of a child is pretty astonishing (what a different story it would be had this happened to me).  we are heading down to la for the weekend and looking forward to a warm weekend on the beach with some friends and hopefully some more sleep for this tired mama.



monkey4 monkey1



holden has recently become obsessed with this little stuffed monkey.  he comes everywhere with us and he has to do everything that holden does.  and i often catch him leaning down to give the monkey a few quick kisses when we're in the middle of something and it is quite possibly the sweetest thing i have ever witnessed, a true testament to my little guy's heart.  (that last photo is holden giving the monkey a few kisses while swinging).  

happy friday and happy easter weekend!