out and about


we're finally back from our extended thanksgiving holiday break and are settling back into the routine of our daily life.  i think that the three of us would be content spending every day on the beach and that's pretty much what we did for the duration of our trip.  there's something about being by the ocean that brings my soul to rest.  i spent the majority of my evenings during pregnancy walking along the surf and just the smell of the ocean immediately brings me back to the days when holden was swimming in my belly.  i think holden can feel the magic of it and gets so excited that he can't quite make up his mind on what he should do when we're there.  he's got fistfuls of sand and then he's emptying them into the air, he's jumping in the waves and then avoiding the water all together, he's collecting shells and seaweed and then leaving them behind.

on this particular day, we stopped by the wave house and watched some surprisingly good surfers take on the man-made wave.  holden was in complete awe and when they stopped, he kept signing again, again.  perhaps we have a future surfer on our hands.

i love sharing holden with family and showing him off to the people we don't get to see as often.  these days my little boy is filled with so much joy.  he used to be quite shy, but he has turned into an outgoing little guy who loves putting on a show for those who will watch.  he's really funny and i think he knows it.  i'm pretty sure that he enjoys his own jokes as much as everyone else does.


little man is wearing:  target sweater (similar here and here), walmart jeans (from the girls section), native shoes

we flew to san diego yesterday and let holden bring his own roller backpack.  he's pretty obsessed with dragging and pulling things around the house at the moment so we thought that he would love getting to carry his own bag.  it was honestly one of the cutest things in the entire world...although trying to herd a 15-month old in the direction of the gate in a timely fashion when you're running just a tad late wasn't easy, so next time we will have to make sure we have a little more time before the flight takes off so he can really enjoy it.