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i was so excited when Yes to invited me to test out their new line of all natural, sulfate free body washes and shower gels.  last week, four amazing flavors showed up on my doorstep and i suddenly found that it wasn't as hard to make time for myself as i thought.  the fact that there were four deliciously smelling body washes for me to try out meant that i didn't have my usual jump-in-and-jump-out-of-shower so i could still have time to finish my to-do list while holden napped.  instead i took a few extra moments and tried out the different body washes, discovering that those few extra moments in a warm and steamy bathroom were surprisingly relaxing and rejuvenating and that a little "me time" doesn't have to be anything more elaborate than those few extra moments trying out a new body wash.

as a mother, it's not always easy to make time for myself.  it's not only the fact that it isn't finding time can be somewhat challenging, but it's also partly that hanging out with holden is so much fun that i don't want to miss out on time with him.  i think it is a sort of selflessness that involuntarily seems to become an embodiment of motherhood.  but in thinking back to my pre-holden days, indulging in "me time" was something i did on a regular basis as a way to recooperate, rejuvanate, and renew myself after a long week at work.  i mean, i used to consider the women at the nail salon friends, have a membership to the dry bar, and visit the estitician for regular facials.  and while you don't need to go to those extremes to take care of yourself, "me time" is a therapuetic and something that every person should make time for because a happier mama means happier little ones.

now i look for simpler ways to indulge in some "me time".  it's been shown that even a short ten minutes is beneficial to the pysche so whether it's looking through a magazine, taking a few minutes to meditate, making a phone call to a friend just to say hi, or something as simple as taking a longer than usual bath or shower to try out a new body wash, these simple options for "me time" will rejuvenate and refresh you.

if you're a mother like me, you also probably don't make enough time for yourself...so here's your chance.  Yes to is offering an exclusive buy one, get one 50% off deal for holdenonbaby readers, using code: Y2LINQ.

there is a recipe for every skin type out there, my favorite being the Yes to blueberries ultra hydrating body wash which is packed with shea butter to alleviate dryness.  i can always use a little extra moisture when the seasons begin to change, so this was the perfect recipe for my skin at the moment, but there's also a Yes to grapefruit rejuvenating body wash, a Yes to cucumbers soothing body wash, and a Yes to carrots nourishing body wash.


this post is sponsored by Yes to, however all thoughts and opinions are mine and not influenced by outside sources.  i only promote products that i love.  as a family of sensitive skinned individuals, natural skincare is particularly important to me so when i find something i like, i love being able to share it with all of you.