The Number One Staple For Your Maternity Wardrobe

20160827_8269_6 With a five year old (wow, still have to get used to that) and a one year old running around and a belly that seems to be growing outwardly by inches every single day, I need clothes that feel comfortable and allow me to move without restrictions. I usually opt for dresses as my everyday go-to because I have this weird issue about anything constricting my belly while pregnant, but maternity jeans with a good fit are a must for every maternity wardrobe.

Maternity jeans are a usually an investment and since you're only going to wear them for six months at a time, it's important that you choose the right ones. These NYDJ AMI  Skinny Maternity Leggings are worth every penny and are a staple piece that will save your wardrobe when you just want to throw on a t-shirt and sneakers, feel comfortable with your ever expanding belly, and most importantly, flatter your figure. njdj_maternity_jeans_2





Munchkin LATCH Bottle for Breastfeeding Mothers

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I've teamed up with my friends at Munchkin to share this story with you.

I'm 18 weeks into my third pregnancy and still nursing this sweet one and a half year old of mine. Looking back, I realized that in the past five years, I have only had a six month break from breastfeeding (which is kind of hard to believe) and with another baby on the way, it looks like I'm going to have a couple more years (and maybe more after that with another one if we are so lucky)! I have always told everyone that my babies don't take bottles, but the truth is that they don't take bottles because I don't like to introduce them. I honestly don't like to miss any of that special bonding time that happens when you're nursing your infant, don't enjoy pumping (cleaning all of those parts ugh!), and have had a hard time finding a bottle that I love for my babies.

However, this third time around, this sweet babe of mine is going to need to take a bottle. With two others to look after, one of whom won't even be two years old when this new babe of ours is born, I'm going to need the ability for others to feed him or her while I take care of the other two. Holden is already talking about feeding the new baby and I know Gray will want some part in that as well. So I'm feeling ok this time around about letting others do some of the feedings (just a few though ha!) so that they get to experience a similar sort of bonding as I do.

Munchkin, one of my favorite brands, just released a new line, Munchkin LATCH, that is specifically made for breastfeeding mamas and babes. Honestly, knowing that something is made with nursing moms in mind makes me feel more at ease about introducing it to my little ones. The Munchkin LATCH bottle has an accordion-style nipple that stretches like the breast, helping your baby latch easily and correctly. The other nice benefit of Munchkin LATCH is the anti-colic valve on the bottom of the bottle, which helps to remove air from the milk inside it. And the line includes an easy sterilization kit for pump parts, breast pads, bottle and pump brushes.

So if you're a breastfeeding mother who wants to introduce a bottle to your baby and wants to find something that is as close to mimicking breastfeeding as possible, check out the new Munchkin LATCH.

***This post is sponsored by Munchkin. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!

Baby Basics from Carter's

**Thank you Carter's for sponsoring this campaign. All opinions are my own. IMG_3241 copy When it comes to your baby, there are so many different things that you are told that your little one will need, and you will probably buy or receive all sorts of things that you will never end up using (that's happened to me both times). But when it comes to the basics, I want soft, comfortable pieces from a company that I know and love. That's why when I'm looking for baby basics, I turn to Carter's. From simple white and striped bodysuits, to footie pajamas with the cutest animal faces on the bum, and hooded towels with sweet animal ears attached at the top - Carter's has classic pieces that you will use over and over again for the first couple years of life.


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I've included a few of my must-have neutral baby basics that every parent needs for their little one below....

newborn baby basics

  1. 3-piece Terry cardigan set // 2. 3-Piece Footed Pant Set // 3. Little Lamb Hooded Towel// 4. Cotton Sleep & Play // 5. 2-pack Babysoft Pants // 6. Original Bodysuits

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