Interview with Bramwell Designs

_MG_8972 Today I wanted to share one of my favorite new brands for children's bedding, Bramwell Designs. I have found myself consistently drawn to Australian designers and this brand is definitely one of my favorites. Bramwell Designs products are bright, colorful, and fun, and just perfect for a little one's bedroom. I had the honor of asking the designer and owner, Emma Rodney, behind Bramwell Designs, a few questions about the brand and her stunning creations...so let's all get to know Bramwell Designs a little more...




A little intro please... At Bramwell Designs, we create organic hand printed bedlinen & accessories.  We also specialize in custom design orders to create bedding to suit our clients or interior stylists needs and desires to a ‘T’. That is great fun and I love a challenge.

Who inspired you to do what you do? Since becoming a mum to two adorable little boys my passion for color and design led me down this path to create imaginative playful bedding collections for little peoples bedrooms.

How would you describe your line? I strive to create bedlinen that will grow with the child over the years. Our designs are contemporary, classic and a little bit quirky, whilst sourcing a high quality organic cotton which is super soft and cozy. All our design work and everything else is done in our studio, by the sea on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

What influences your work? My childhood and the children in my life...how their little faces brighten up to the most simplest of things in life and their appreciation for their natural surroundings. We all need to remind ourselves to simplify our lives and appreciate the simple/little things in life and to take time to play and have some fun.

What does a typical day look like for you? Busy busy busy! As a mother and designer, I try my best to be super organized and allocate time for my designs and custom bedding orders, and when I am with my boys, I’m 100% devoted to them. My bedding collection is an extension of them, being free spirits, having fun on the journey and taking some risks. My passion for business and design drives me to continue and always will.

Tell us about your background before Bramwell Designs? I always aspired to create my own business doing something I was passionate in. I painted my big bold designs onto canvas and following a stint in London working for the worlds number one online fashion forecasting and trend service, my passion for design and beautiful things was ignited, so I took the plunge and haven’t looked back.

What is your favorite product you create and why? It’s all lots of fun & imaginative, our whole bedding range and recently we’ve launched these funky kindy sheet sets with hand printed name badges & organic canvas storage baskets and totes. A few other amazing products will be launched in 2015, but keeping the range fresh and limited, whilst on trend is essential and I truly love creating custom designed orders for my clients too, where I work with them and ultimately create a bedding collection that is unique for them and their little ones.. We also do adult size bedding, which has been a hit overseas.

What are the future plans for Bramwell Designs? The future is going to be an adventure where dreams come true. Some new collections will be launched in 2015, while still keeping our favourite ingredient, pops of neons, but we will offer something a little different to this years collection’s in the bedding range. Additionally, we will have an official launch of our Kindy sheet sets, which we hope will grow and give children something bright and playful to take to daycare/kindergarten. Plus a few other big surprises we are keeping a little secret for now…

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Home Inspiration :: Amanda Brooks' English Home














7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS193511 I stumbled across this glamorous country home over the weekend and couldn't help but share for a little Monday inspiration.  Living in the country on a large plot of land with animals is something that is constantly tugging at my heart, this gorgeous family and their country-chic home and lifestyle has me packing my bags and heading to the English countryside for good.

Images via The Selby
















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We finally found a home and have decided where we are going to settle down (at least for the next six months or so).  Last weekend while visiting family in San Diego, we stumbled upon a historic beach cottage just two blocks from the ocean.  We fell in love immediately and upon deciding that it was the perfect place for our little family, we spent this week packing up our current house and will be spending the long weekend moving into our new home.

Naturally, my mind has been spinning with design possibilities for the new place (meaning that is all I have been thinking about for the past week), but when it comes to interior design, I'm slightly all-over-the-place.  I just can't quite narrow down what style truly fits our family.  I like so many different types of interior decor and just can't seem to fully commit to one.  Are we the type of people that have a minimal home, a bohemian adobe, a modern space, or a glamorous getaway?

Since I have decided that none of the furniture we currently own work with our new space (my excuse for a redesign),  we are selling almost all of our furniture and are starting from scratch in our new home.  The cottage has lots of light and lots of open space, but it is on the small side and has a unique layout so I'm pretty perplexed as to where to even start.  If any of you are design aficionados and want to so graciously offer your design services, feel free to send some ideas over because right now I can use all of the help I can get.

In looking at a few of my favorite home images (below) from my "mi casa" pinterest board you will quickly show you my dilemma when it comes to decorating.