Changing Seasons

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wearing one of my hands down favorite, most comfortable  maternity items by Isabella Oliver

Sometimes, with social media being such a big part of our lives these days, it is easy to get caught up in a constant game of "keeping up with the Joneses" and for some reason, seeing glimpses of everyone's fall photos (you know, the changing leaves, the fires blazing in the living room, the cozy sweaters and knits) pop up on my instagram and pinterest feeds left me with a severe case of envy. In Southern California we were experiencing a heat wave and I almost felt as though I was depriving Holden of something by him not getting to experience the changing seasons and all of those special moments I remember from my childhood (jumping in leaves, building snowmen, etc.).

But with Thanksgiving quickly approaching I have been working on the mindset to be thankful for what I have and I found that when I started looking around and counting all of the blessings in my life (regardless of how big or small), I have found myself filled with gratitude for this life of mine (funny how changing your mindset can make the world look so different).

This season in our lives is just beyond perfect. I feel so incredibly lucky for this boy of mine who seems to be growing up by leaps and bounds every single day. More and more I feel like I am spending every day with my best friend - we can go to a cafe and stay for hours talking, laughing, and playing. We have been taking advantage of this beautiful weather and have found ourselves at the beach almost everyday for the past two weeks, playing in the sand and splashing in the water.  And it's days like the one pictured above that make me thankful for this city we call home.

A Second Pregnancy







Bel wears :: Isabella Oliver Roliston Maternity Jumpsuit

Beau wears :: Moi Black Raven Jumpsuit

I'm currently heading into my third trimester and to be honest, this whole pregnancy still feels quite surreal.  I keep waiting for it to "hit" me that I am pregnant, but it still hasn't seemed to happen. With Holden's pregnancy, I was so attuned to the fact that I was pregnant, completely engrossed in pregnancy blogs and baby books, the thought that I was pregnant completely engrossing my every moment of every day. I spent an hour of everyday at a prenatal yoga class and  three hours a week in the Bradley Method class.  Life at that point was all about pregnancy.

Yet, this pregnancy is completely different. My everyday is spent as a mama to a sweet and energetic boy and we are on-the-go adventuring 24/7. I am almost constantly on the go so it's not until those small moments of quiet in the day that I get my one-on-one time with bebe - when I am still for the first time that day and bebe knows it, kicking to acknowledge the quiet and let me know he is ready for our conversations to begin.

It's interesting what a stark contrast this pregnancy has been from the last, but one thing that has been true for both pregnancies is how much I love being pregnant. Watching my body change to accommodate this little human growing inside me fascinates me and almost nothing can compare to feeling your baby kick in response to your voice.

We seriously just can't wait for the day that we get to meet him.  Valentine's Day can't come soon enough.

Soon To Be Four

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On Bel :: Rachel Pally dress, Forever21 hat

On Beau :: So Little So Hip Suspenders, H&M t-shirt and shorts, Puma shoes

It's been a while since I've been to this space, but with this new chapter in our lives closing as a family of three, I'm finding myself wanting to document more of our lives together.  There is something about putting words with photographs that helps to engrave that memory deeper into your mind or just simply spark a memory that you thought was completely forgotten.  Looking back at the beginning of this blog, reading my entries and looking through the photographs of Holden as an infant, I find myself back in that place, reliving all of Holden's idiosyncrasies, my thoughts as a new mother, and our life back then.  And I find myself missing that - missing putting words down on "paper" to forever etch into memory these times in our lives. And while I do keep a private journal for Holden, there is something about adding pictures to words that makes everything that much more real and tangible. So I'm sharing our adventures as a family of three, soon-to-be-four!!!, and everything that entails.

Daylight Savings

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Bel wears ::  Splendid tee // Bel & Beau Mrs. Maxi 

beau wears :: So Little, So Hip Bird Suspenders // Mini Mioche Jeans

These were taken on that very first day of daylight savings where we used that extra hour of sunlight to explore one of the missions in San Diego. It's funny how that extra bit of sunlight in the evening time can completely change my mood. Turning that clock back means so much -  longer and longer stretches of sunlight in the evenings, warmer weather,  and more post-nap adventures...summer can never come soon enough.

Playing Mama to Two

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I shared one of these photos on Instagram last week and loved it so much I wanted to add it here as well (even if each kid is making a silly face in either photo). These were taken on an afternoon where we were lucky enough to babysit my niece and I was able to experience life as a mom to two...except that my niece is the easiest baby ever, so she pretty much induced full-on baby fever into our little family of three, particularly into Holden who seems to be completely smitten with babies at the moment. It is so amazing to watch Holden interact with his little cousin - fawning over her, tickling her toes, kissing her cheeks, and playing ever so gently with her.  His sweet demeanor never ceases to amaze me.  After a peaceful, playful,and joy-filled afternoon playing mama to two, I'm starting to think I could get used to this ;)

Holden and baby Kenley are both wearing pieces by the gorgeous children's accessory shop, Henny & Coco.  Holden wears the Black Beaded Toddler Tassel Necklace and baby Kenley wears the Teal Leather Hair Bow.


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Photography :: byamylynnphotography

Bel clothing :: Zara necklace // Zara cropped top // Bel & Beau "Mrs." Maxi Skirt in Sapphire

Beau clothing ::  H&M Winter hat // Zara top // Missjhandmade striped leggings // Zara loafers 

Only accessible when the tide is low enough for us to sneak around a towering rock wall that on most occasions meets the crashing waves to ward off visitors, this has quickly become our favorite spot to explore.  When the tide is at it's lowest point, the large boulders that rest on the sand are brimming with sea life living in their nooks and crannies and we spend hours discovering the animals that get trapped on the shore as they wait for the tide to rise again.

Recently, I've been struggling with finding a balance between running the shop and giving enough of myself to my little family.  It seems it's always difficult to to separate my time between the two and I'm starting to think that it's time to start dedicating my time to each separately so that they each can have 100% of my undivided attention.  I'm definitely learning as I go, and I'm not sure there is any right answer or if there ever will be a perfect balance, but for now I just feel incredibly grateful that I can do something I love and still spend my day with my favorite little person on the planet.

I'd love to hear from you work at home mothers and how you find balance in your daily schedules!