mama wore: bcbg dress (found at marshalls), steve madden sandals, h&m sunglasses.

little man wore: random t-shirt, h&m shorts, etsy shoes

i was right last week when i anticipated that holden was getting new teeth.  the two teeth on either side of his front two teeth arrived last thursday and we finally started getting some sleep over the weekend.  thank goodness!  i completely forgot what it was like to go without sleep, how it causes a heavy fog to settle over your mind making it hard to function or remember anything.  the type of complete sleep deprivation that makes it a struggle to leave the house, put makeup on, or get dressed for the day.  it's times like these that you need dresses like this.  with seemingly no silhoutte, it was the perfect option when all i felt like wearing was yoga pants and a giant t-shirt.  an over-sized, loose-fitting, silk t-shirt-like dress is the perfect option when pulling something over your head and throwing on giant sunglasses is the only thing you're capable of before walking out the door.  i think every mama needs a few pajama-like options that are suitable for public viewing.  oh, and i've decided that every little man should have an arsenal of hats and shoes.  they make everything a million times cuter.


in august 2010, we took our vows, sealed them with a kiss, and as we walked down that aisle as husband and wife, i didn't think that i could love you any more than i did in that very instant.  and then a little over a year later, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world, and as you held him in your arms and whispered "my son", i didn't think my heart could get any fuller than it did in that very moment.  but watching you over the past 10 months with our son, my love for you has grown more than words can even begin to express.  you are a natural father and truly the definition of what a good father is.  i love watching holden attempt to emulate everything you do, always watching you ever so carefully.  it's already apparent how much he looks up to you and i have an itching suspicion that you boys are going to be two little peas in a pod.  i have to say that holden and i are both pretty lucky to have you in our lives.  happy first father's day.


hello our love,

you are nine months.  the same amount of time you spent growing in my womb, you have now spent growing outside of it.  it remains unfathomable to me how so much time has passed so quickly.  i know that this a reoccurring theme each month, but i'm pretty sure that this is my favorite age yet.

you are so fun to be around! you are just so happy all of the time.  always smiling, sucking in breath with excitement, and kissing everyone.  people seem to always be commenting on what a happy boy you are and i am thoroughly enjoying every single second that we spend together.  i feel like we are best friends now and you are my little buddy.

you are truly no longer a baby and have become a little boy before my very eyes.  you wave goodbye, you clap (still swishing your hands up and down past one another as if washing them), you do "so big", you crawl, you climb, you stand up, you sit down, you bend over to pick things up, you can even stand for a minute on your own.  when i ask you "where's the baby, the doggie, flowers, tobi, balloon" you will look at the right at the correct object.  it's amazing to discover how much you are comprehending about the world around you and to see how much you have already soaked in.  you definitely are a smart little guy.

you have a fantastic sense of humor already.  you get when things are funny and crack up when daddy and i are acting silly.  you love when daddy and i say "goodbye" and pretend to walk away then suddenly turn around to surprise you and say hello!  you also love when you splash us or hit us with something and we say "oh!" or "ouch!" with a funny expression.

you still love animals and your favorite thing to do is read animal books, listen to songs with animal sounds, go to the petting zoo, and go to the dog park with tobi and watch all of the other dogs run around.  you have started imitating us when we make animal noises, attempting to make the noise yourself.

now that you are exploring everywhere, you have started putting everything you can find in your mouth.  even the tiniest things on the floor are somehow found by you and end up in your mouth.  for a while you were listening when we said "uh, uh, no, not in your mouth."  you would pull your hand away, we would say "good boy!" and then you would smile...and try to put it in your mouth again.  i think it was a game you were playing, but at least you were removing the object from your mouth when we said "uh, uh".  since those two front teeth moved in, that has changed.  you don't care what we say, you are just determined to get whatever is in your hand into your mouth.  we are keeping a close eye on you these days.

you have become very outgoing in the recent weeks, climbing up on other mama's laps in our classes and smiling and waving at strangers.  you are still very shy when you first wake up, not wanting anyone except mama.  you cling to me and won't let anyone pry your arms from around my neck (even your daddy).  i secretly (or not so secretly) love when you do this.

our favorite moments with you are when you are cuddly and kissy.  i love putting you to we lay nose to nose, you wrap your arms around my neck and twirl my hair in your fingers.  it is such a magical feeling.  you still have yet to let daddy put you to sleep so we are working on that because he longs for some more cuddle time with you.

it is such a pleasure to be your parents and to watch you grow.  we love you more than you'll ever know.


mama + dada

you love:



drinking water

giving kisses (big wet ones)

walking (holding our hands)

standing up on everything

reading!  you love, love, love to read


pictures of babies


playing in water

the swing

doing "soooo big"


music (especially shakers)

animals and animal noises


you don't like:


long trips in the car

being strapped down in things (car seat, high chair)

having things taken off of you


people have been commenting how much holden is drooling for the past couple of months and we have been waiting for a new tooth to pop up.  and finally, his top two teeth have arrived. on saturday his top left tooth came in and today his top right tooth appeared.   the little man now has four teeth just in time for his nine month birthday.


hello little (slightly big) boy,

you are eight months old.  um, how did that happen?  how is it possible that we are now closer to your one year old birthday than your birth.  i have already scheduled the date for your first birthday party.  not sure if i can really wrap my head around that.

while i often lament about the speed in which your life is passing me by, i must admit that life with you just keeps getting better and better. i love you more every day, every hour, every minute, every second and you have become my little buddy, no longer the baby i took care of and entertained, now the best friend i spend my days with. you have quickly become the company i enjoy being in the most.  you are such a loving, affectionate, golden hearted, smiley, happy-go-lucky child.

we spend our time rough housing around the living room, snuggling up to good stories on the couch, climbing over blanket and pillow mountains on the bed, peek-a-booing, playing at the park, getting our hands dirty in the sand and the grass, meeting other kids at gymboree and playgroup, running errands and doing chores, and as long as we are together we are happy.  you are definitely a mama's boy and in the past couple of weeks you have become even more attached to me (which i wasn't sure was possible), often crying to get back into my arms when someone else is holding you and although i hope you will be an outgoing child, i love how much you need me.  it makes my heart swell to proportions i didn't know were possible.  you wrap your arms around my neck, plant giant kisses on my cheeks, run your hands through my hair, and reach out for me.  you truly love daddy with all your heart, lighting up when he walks in the door, we facetime with him, or you hear him on speaker phone.  when the three of us are together, you are at your happiest.

you are developing at lightening speed, each day bringing something new learned: giving kisses, waving bye-bye, blowing spit bubbles and raspberries, crawling, pulling up on everything, trying out new sounds, and eating adult foods, to name a few.  you are very in tune with your surroundings and you love imitating the people around you.  if we laugh, you laugh.  if we smile, you smile.  if we hum or sing a tune, you try doing the exact same tune.  with how aware you are, i think we need to start being on our best behavior around you.

you have always been a busy boy, our little wild child, and even before you were crawling, you were all over the place.  now that you are mobile, there is no stopping you.  your current infatuation with cords, power strips, opening cupboards, and everything else that is off-limits really means that i should begin baby proofing, but i've been neglecting that motherly duty and realized today as you stood up on the entertainment center and pulled a few heavy things off of a shelf that i really need to take care of that.  your mobility is allowing you to experience a little independence and you love exploring and investigating.  when we are out of the house, you are very inquisitive and take everything in. when you look at new things your mouth drops open in amazement and i can almost see your mind working as you decipher exactly what everything is and how it works. grandma calls you a little engineer.

your favorite thing of the moment is animals, especially tobi even though tobi isn't your biggest fan (you haven't figured out the concept of gentle yet).  i sing old mcdonald probably fifty times a day with every animal noise imaginable and you could read books about animals infinitely over and over.  you are completely enchanted when we go to the zoo or the animal farm.

you are such a sweet and caring little boy and it is amazing to see your personality come out.  your daddy and i love you so incredibly much.  these really feel like the best days of our lives because of you.

love, mummy and daddy

you love:

fruits giving kisses walking everywhere jumping crawling clasping your hands together (something you have done since birth) clapping by swishing your hands up and down blowing rasberries spitting saying dada and ah da spending time outdoors playing in sand, dirt, and grass pulling hair and grabbing faces

you hate:

getting your diaper changed
having things taken off of you missing naps (in the sense that you are then overtired) taking naps the car seat