mama style




mama's day to night look: asos drop waist dress // ray-ban wayfarer // marc jacobs bag // sam edelman leopard flats // geode stud earrings  // raccoon fur vest // vera wang leopard booties

boy's day to night look: lacoste red tee // burberry black skinny jeans // icon eyewear sunglasses // black mad pax backpack // lacoste black sneakers // wess and willy blazer // toy range rover // gucci loafers

during the weekends, we tend to go on long adventures as a family, usually starting our outing in the morning and not returning home until late in the evening, which means that when we leave the house, we have to make sure to bring everything we will need for an entire day.  i'm always looking for attire that with the addition of a few pieces can easily transition from an afternoon at the zoo to a dinner in the city (not having to worry about bringing an entire change of clothes for holden and myself is always a plus).  here are two of my favorite day to night looks at the moment for both mother and son.









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despite living in the city for over three years, i never really took the time to explore china town of san francisco.  however, on our quest to keep our cast-ridden boy happy, we thought we would take an hour or two to walk through this unique part of the city and see what we could find.  we parked in one of the garages and headed out on the streets with no real agenda in mind.  we didn't arrive until the early evening so a lot of the food shops were closing down, and although we were initially disappointed, we found it to be perfect timing as we were able to watch the shop owners shovel ice from the window fronts and cart fish, mussels, and other unsold items from the day through the streets.  we bought a sesame seed cookie that holden devoured within a few minutes and a box of poppers that we tossed into the street while holden shouted "pop!" and scared a few tourists passing by.  the lanterns hanging across the streets, lucky cats in every window, and secret alleys around every corner completely captivated holden and we found ourselves wondering why we had never taken the time to explore china town before this evening adventure.  




mama date night attire: ungaro blue blazer // tibi silk cami // tibi silk skirt // tibi lace skirt // kirna zebete black and white striped clutch // steven blue sandals

little man date night attire: boss white button-up // volcom shorts // garvalin blue loafers // cement mixer

bottom photo: from my mothers pinterest board

mr. b and i haven't had the opportunity to sneak away on a date night for over a month now, something we try to do every few weeks or so even if it means just going to out to grab frozen yogurt.  the fact that holden has started staying up later coupled with not being able to leave him while he is in the cast, has resulted in a lot of date nights as a party of three.  a night out with a toddler is definitely quite different than a childless dinner, but we've been seizing this opportunity to head to museums in the late afternoons right before closing (when they are both cheaper and emptier) and then enjoying late dinners in the city with the little man in tow who is thoroughly enjoying exploring the world after dusk.







mama wore: oscar de la renta top and skirt

little man wore: oscar de la renta button-up, h&m shorts

one of the things that i love most about the bay area is that you can be in the middle of a bustling city surrounded by thousands of people at one moment and in 30 minutes or less, you can be in the middle of nowhere, a place so quiet that you can hear yourself breath with not a single person in sight.  pair that with a 30 degree temperature difference and the juxtaposition is almost shocking.  this is exactly what happened on this day, when we spent the pre-nap hours in the city (see more on our morning adventure here) and the post-nap hours in the hills.  there are so many open spaces and national parks in the bay area and they are the perfect place for little boys to explore so we often find ourselves in these secret spots.  it has become somewhat of a nightly tradition for our family to head up into the hills in the late evening hours to say goodnight to the parting sun.  we hunt for crickets as they sing their summer lullaby into the dusk and scout for the hooting owl and the howling coyote announcing night's arrival.  and once the glowing orange sun has disappeared behind the mountain top, we jump in the car and head home, finally ready for sleep, happy and satisfied to have made the most of every last drop of light.






Oscar_in_the_city-5 Oscar_in_the_city-2

mama wears: top and skirt c/o oscar de la renta, charlotte russe heels

little man wears: button-up c/0 oscar de la renta, h&m shorts, freshly picked moccasins

with holden in the cast, we have been spending a lot of time in the city as there is always so much going on that he barely notices the fact that he's being carried everywhere instead of running around.  there is instant entertainment around every bend and since it has been so hot in the bay area, the city is the perfect way to escape the extreme heat wave that has hit california (and the rest of the country).  just being in the city and seeing new things is a fun adventure for holden and something different from our day-to-day normality.  on this slightly misty day, we ventured around one of our favorite neighborhoods to grab a bite to eat and gaze longingly at the insanely large homes on the hill.  holden found a beetle on a wall that holden kept in his pocket and searched for treasures in a giant wall of ivy.

days in the city always call for the most glamorous of clothing and it just so happens that one of my dreams came true this past month when holden and i were lucky enough to try out a few pieces from oscar de la renta's latest collections.  i've had a long love affair with oscar de la renta (my dream wardrobe would consist of nothing but oscar de la renta skirts and dresses), but have you seen oscar childrenswear?  i am head over heels for the boys line which is dapper, colorful, and classic (holden looks so handsome in oscar).  i can't say too much just yet, but i am working on a very exciting project with the amazingly talented mother of two and vp of the art department for oscar de la renta, marissa.  follow marissa, her two beautiful children, and their adventures in new york city on their blog george and ruby.



this weekend we are wishing for...


some gorgeous beach chairs....


windswept hair...


flowy tops and wide-brimmed hats...


crashing waves...

Beach Attire

and this look for mama and son...

above images: all from my summer pinterest board

mama's beach look: uyleena seergenko spring/summer 2013 playsuit // reserved beach towel // oliver people cat eye sunglasses // gold camera // tory burch mini beach tote

little man's beach look:  baby gap linen button-up // ray ban junior aviators // toy boat // havaianas kids flip flops // fendi swim trunks