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For some time, I have been wanting to share more products with you that I love that are either working for me as a mama to two boys or have worked for both of my boys because I find that some of the best information I have received is from other mothers with experience. So this is the start to our series, Bel & Beau Loves where I share some of my favorite mama, kid, and baby items that I think you should know about. 


When your first child is almost four, it is easy to forget just how much stuff you have to carry with you at all times when you have a newborn baby.  Before Grayson arrived, I was used to carrying around a million toy cars, animal figurines, a pencil case full of crayons and colored pencils, a notepad or activity book, sunscreen, and enough snacks for Holden to survive on for at least a couple of days (because if there is anything I have learned about toddlers, it is that constant snacking keeps them happy). Now my purse was pretty jam-packed on a daily basis with Holden's necessities, but when Gray started joining us on our everyday outings, my bag was overflowing and I felt like I looked like a mess of a mama when lugging a bag that had baby and kid items constantly falling out the sides. And let's not even begin to ask what happened when I actually needed to find something (just imagine an embarrassed mother dumping the entire contents of her bag out onto the shop floor while trying to find her wallet to pay for something).

When Petunia Pickle Bottom reached out to me and asked if I would like to try out one of their Downtown Totes, I desperately said yes in hopes of finding a solution to my problem...and I did! The Downtown Tote fits everything I need for both my boys and myself without looking and feeling like I'm lugging a suitcase around with me. It has plenty of pockets on the inside as well as one zippered pouch on the outside (for things you need easy access to like wallet, phone, pacifiers) so that you don't have to spend ten minutes searching inside what seems like a black hole. It also has a zippered closure on the top so that (even if you aren't) you appear organized to the outside world. The tote comes in a variety of fun colors and designs because of of course as mothers we all want something stylish on our arms that doesn't necessarily look like a diaper bag. And my other favorite thing about this diaper bag is that the outside fabric is waterproof. We spend most of our days at the beach or at the pool, and so this bag of mine has already spent ample time in the sand or sitting in a puddle of water poolside and it still looks brand new.

I have honestly used this bag everyday since I got it and I don't have enough good things to say about it. So if you are looking for a solution for your diaper bag problems, look no further than the Downtown Tote.

The Inglesina Classica Pram










Photography by Chrissy Powers

When I was a newborn, I slept in a vintage pram beside my parents bed. In place of a crib, each and every night during those beginning days of my life my mother would place me inside the soft, cushioned bassinet of the pram for my slumber. In the middle of the night when I would awaken in those dark hours she would reach over and rock the pram back and forth to lull me back to sleep. During the day, she would unlock the wheels and drive the pram into various rooms throughout the house so that I was always close by during my naps. It was my place of comfort and I think that was the beginning of my love affair with prams.

When I was pregnant with Holden, I was determined that his sleep beginnings would mirror mine and that he would be sleeping soundly in a vintage pram while we strolled the streets of San Francisco. But after receiving a stylish, modernized stroller at our baby shower and finding out quite soon after Holden's arrival into this world that he did not enjoy riding in anything (not a car or not a stroller, as he only liked to be held or worn), I realized that my dreams of pushing a pram with a contently sleeping baby in it would not be coming true.

It was when I became pregnant with Gray that I found the Inglesina Classica Pram which is everything I had been dreaming of over all of these years.  The Inglesina Classica Pram combines the classic good looks of an heirloom quality pram with the amenities of a modern day stroller. Not only is the pram a visual showstopper, but it is such a comfortable ride and Gray loves traveling tucked safely inside the plush pram. The seat can be adjusted to sitting instead of laying flat which makes for a relaxed and enjoyable ride for Grayson who has never loved being completely flat on his back. The pram is easy to take down and put into the car, and although I keep telling myself that it should be reserved for special occasions and not Gray's everyday ride for our daily errands, I just can't help myself and we end up using this romantic beauty on more occasions than not.










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Playing Mama to Two

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I shared one of these photos on Instagram last week and loved it so much I wanted to add it here as well (even if each kid is making a silly face in either photo). These were taken on an afternoon where we were lucky enough to babysit my niece and I was able to experience life as a mom to two...except that my niece is the easiest baby ever, so she pretty much induced full-on baby fever into our little family of three, particularly into Holden who seems to be completely smitten with babies at the moment. It is so amazing to watch Holden interact with his little cousin - fawning over her, tickling her toes, kissing her cheeks, and playing ever so gently with her.  His sweet demeanor never ceases to amaze me.  After a peaceful, playful,and joy-filled afternoon playing mama to two, I'm starting to think I could get used to this ;)

Holden and baby Kenley are both wearing pieces by the gorgeous children's accessory shop, Henny & Coco.  Holden wears the Black Beaded Toddler Tassel Necklace and baby Kenley wears the Teal Leather Hair Bow.


streetstyle11413-web I came across this image today and can't quite get this ensemble out of my head.  Thinking that the cropped blazer-lace top-full skirt-white pump combo will be a wardrobe staple this spring....simple, stylish, classic.

SHOP THE LOOK :: 1. Pale Blue Cropped Blazer // 2. Lace Button-Up Blouse // 3. Black High-Waisted Midi Skirt // 4. Box Clutch // 5. White Studded Pumps 




I thought it might be fun to start a weekly series called We Want Wednesday where I share current favorites for myself and Holden.  Since this week has started to finally feel like fall here in San Diego, we have finally been able to break out the sweaters and I now have winter attire and holiday festivities on the brain. Here are a few favorites on our shopping wish lists.

Belles :: Cape // Bonjour print // Black boots //  Gold Camera // Leopard iphone Case // Little Black Dress // Black Pom Headband

beaus :: Hello Moon Pillow //  Velvet Blazer // Leather Red Shoes // Curious George // Gray Cardigan // Silver Bow Tie // Naps Fix Everything Poster // Polaroid Camera